Two New Studs on Cam

There are only two areas I’ve ever really hunted. One is public land I scouted and hunted from a blind in last year with no real success. Unfortunately it’s also the in place for the local homeless population to have encampments. I’ve been warned recently it may no longer be the safest place to be.

My second and primary location is behind where I work and in another zone. I’ve had a trail camera out there since last year and just last month erected a two man ladder stand. For the most part I’ve only ever seen three regular does and the occasional ghost of a young forked horn. It’s not a large patch but it’ll do, especially for my purposes. A few weeks ago a beautiful four pointer walked behind me and presented no shot. The experience was exhilarating for me. But since then the area has seemingly gone dead. No sign, super quiet. Every time I check the cam it’s been blank other than my coming in and out or the occasional squirrel.

Until this week. I pulled my card out this week and had TWO new bucks on cam that I’ve never seen before in these woods. The first one, a six pointer. Wow! A SIX! In my woods?!


Then the next photo which stopped me in my tracks and took my breath away…


A ten pointer. A TEN pointer! Under MY stand! Cloud nine. To see the full video of him click here. To see his daytime video click here. So you can clearly tell why I’m so excited. Even if I never see them when I’m out there the fact that they’ve relatively crossed my path is extremely validating and rewarding of the time and effort and work I’ve put into this. My time is coming soon, of that I have no doubt!

Happy Sunday, my friends! Comment below and let me know what you think!

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