280″ Ohio High Fence Giant Stolen



This week a monster was taken down in Ohio, where else? Ron Lidderdale stated he shot the 280 inch beast on public land. This fib was quickly discovered by several members of the online hunting community who did a little digging. Turns out this animal was shot on a high fence farm by the name of “Xtreme World Class Whitetails of Ohio”.

Now we can get into the issue of fair chase versus high fence and everything in between. I personally feel that I’m unwilling to pay an ungodly $4900 to go shoot a wall hanger. That being said, as with all legal hunting methods, keeping our rights to do so should trump all else. If many of these land owners didn’t make a profit by using it in this method, you’d be looking at the next strip mall. This land is being used to hunt and there is obviously a supply that is meeting a demand. Granted flip the coin one more time and I do have a problem with animals being given so much in mineral supplements they can barely lift their necks due to the unnatural racks they’ve acquired.

But in a twist of events, as it were, it seems our Mr. Lidderdale left his trophy sitting in the back of his truck while he had some breakfast at the Crossroad Restaurant in Sandyville, OH. Alas, the creature was stolen. And there ends our quite pitiful tail.


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